To me, kindness is rooted in empathy. It is being able to understand someone else's situation and feelings, and act without an expectation of reciprocity or recognition. It is treating others the way you would want to be treated. I was raised to follow this golden rule, and continue to do so everyday in both my personal and professional life. 


As someone in the field of communications, I will always be honest and open when communicating messages to my audience. My goal is always to gain the trust of who I am working with, and to do so requires complete honesty. 


As humans, we are constantly growing and learning. I am always looking for opportunities to grow as a person, and I look for those opportunities to help others grow, too. In my eyes, there is always room for improvement and self growth, and being able to recognize that is important.  


What makes you or your brand unique? I want to embrace that. Our differences as individuals should be celebrated, and we should use them to learn and look at things with fresh perspectives.


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